Universal number 112 – CALL NUMBER for fire department, police, ambulance, gas service, anti-terror service or all these services at once.
Number 112 is suitable for all cases when your life is in danger.
You can reach number 112 from anywhere where there is a telephone connection. Even with zero balance and from a landline, cell phone, and even from a phone without a SIM card.
You will receive an answer from number 112 any time of the day and no matter how busy the lines are.
Number 112 will definitely call you back if the connection is suddenly interrupted.
Your call will be qualified correctly - the System 112 operator will assess the situation from your words and determine what help you need.
They will definitely respond to your call. The fact and time of receiving a call from emergency services is recorded in System 112 and monitored by the operator.
Your message will definitely not be lost - System 112 saves all data about each call.
They will understand and help you, even if you do not speak Russian. Full-time translators and volunteer translators collaborate with System 112 operators.
Impossible to talk? Send an SMS to number 112. The main thing is to indicate your contact information, the exact location and circumstances of the incident.
112 is also an emergency psychological help line.
112 is a number that saves lives.